B.D. Graft no. 68


Is it mine if I add some yellow?

To create a new artwork by making a minimal change to an existing work: adding some yellow. The constant questions surrounding copyright and ownership when it comes to collage art are the inspiration, along with the conceptual work of artists like Robert Rauschenberg and John Baldessari (who, funnily enough, he only discovered after starting the “Add Yellow” project.

Post Modern features a growing collection of affordable postcard sized artworks created by well-known artists and designers. Often artists and designers produce bigger, pricier works. With Post Modern we challenge them to tell their ‘story’ on a small scale. Herewith tiny, affordable, one-of-a-kind, handmade artworks by leading, contemporary makers are accessible for a broader audience.

• Paper collages made from found vintage postcards and yellow acrylic on paper.
• 14 × 9 cm
• One–off, signed and numbered artworks (2017)

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B.D. Graft no. 68

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