Desk Organizer Cork

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Keeping things neat + stylish.

Made in the Landes region of South-West France with cork from sustainably managed forest and recycled cork.
Handcrafted production

Small: ± 12 x 21 cm | Large: ± 16 x 30 cm

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Desk Organizer Cork

Desk Organizer Cork

This beautiful cork desk organizer invites fountain pens, pencils, business cards and paper notes, a photo, drying brushes. It keeps all you need at hand, on your desk.

La Petite Papeterie Française [The Little French Stationer’s] was founded by Sylvie Bétard, a lover of all paper things paper. Beautiful and high-quality products, well manufactured in an environmentally and socially friendly manner. 

From the creation of products through to their delivery: genuine care is taken at the various stages: the responsible use of materials, functional design, an integrated logistics platform – and all locally sourced.