Opening exhibition ‘Cuba: Beautiful Decay’

We would like to invite you to our upcoming opening exhibition with work from photographer Brian Wright and it’s series ‘Cuba: Beautiful Decay’.

The beautiful decay of a country in neglect as seen through his eyes. Romantic and artistic fine art photographs of his travels through this incredible country before the end of the Embargo.
He travelled off the beaten path in Cuba, to eight cities from coast to coast, to capture these photographs.

“Real life amongst the beautiful decay.”
By sharing these images into the world, he wants to keep the beauty alive that he saw in that amazing country in early 2014.
To not forget how much we all admire the Cubans and their way of life, their struggles in a land where they simply cannot purchase a new car, watch, or new pair of sneakers by simply heading over to the local Ford dealership, Apple or Nike store down the road.

Photographer Brian Wright grew up in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa, and soaked up the vibrant and diverse culture there until he decided to settle in Europe after studying Graphic Design and Photography. He now lives with his small family in the Yvelines in the Île-de-France, just outside of historical and romantic Paris.

© copyright image by Brian Wright


His bright pictures will warm up your winterhearts. Join us for a drink and bite and meet the artist and his work.
For more details and info check our facebook event.


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