Artefacts De Intuïtiefabriek

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For Post Modern they are taking bits and pieces from this archive and intuitively collage them to compositions on a postcard. Compositions that give hints of new possibilities and that spark imagination.

Materials: Mix materials

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Artefacts De Intuïtiefabriek

Artefacts De Intuïtiefabriek

De Intuïtiefabriek collects little things for inspiration. Souvenirs from traveling, pieces of material and also random objects from tool shops, previous projects and researches. Creating their own archive for inspiration.

Photography by: De Intuïtiefabriek

Post Modern features a growing collection of affordable, postcard sized artworks, created by well–known artists and designers. These collector’s items have been made exclusively for Post Modern. Often artists and designers produce bigger, pricier works. Post Modern challenges them to tell their ‘story’ on a small scale. Herewith a collection of handmade, one of a kind, affordable artworks by leading, contemporary makers is accessible for a broader audience.