Facets Necklace Fluor Orange


Classical precious stones, with their faceted shapes formed the inspiration for these pieces. The geometrical, transparent shapes combined in layers or together with wood are evocative of leaves and petals.

Pendant: ± 3 x 1,5 cm / Chain: ± 55 cm
Necklace from fine, gold plated brass chain with pendant from birchwood triplex and fluor orange acrylic glass.

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Facets Necklace Fluor Orange

Facets Necklace Fluor Orange

TURINA.Jewellery is different. The playful use of unconventional materials creates jewellery which not only adorns but is also fascinating and exhilarating. Some well known objects, for example small boats or acorns, are used to excite the imagination, making the jewellery entertaining and desirable. Every piece is a delicate work of fine art, making it even more precious. TURINA.Jewellery demures: less is more. That little extra is the finishing touch to an outfit. A dash of colour, a shiny highlight or a piece of unrefined material, in the correct measure, is very ornamental.

Also available in black or light blue or finish it off with some matching pair of earrings.

Please note: Given these are all handmade the actual product may slightly differ from this picture.