Holy Silver Notebook Red


Touching the sky with both feet on the ground
Holy silver is a silver line side stitched notebook inspired in a great precious stone that fell from the sky.

128 pages | silver side stitch
size: 170 x 240 mm
plain paper with bright red cover

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Holy Silver Notebook Red

Holy Silver Notebook Red

With its bright red cover and an inside full of yellowish plain paper, you can sure say the Holy Silver notebooks are what we call; paper perfection. That ultimate feeling of heaven without taking both feet of the ground. Minimal and chic at the same time. For those that are afraid to use these intimidating notebooks, your desk won’t mind looking this good.

Mishmash is a minimalist office supplies brand that aims to break through the mind of every design enthusiast by presenting a selection of disruptive products. Aiming to fill a gap in a static market, mishmash is triggering the creativity in every mind by looking inside objects, emphasizing their different functions and purposes.