Mishmash Notebook


expect the unexpected
Mishmash is a side stitched notebook full of different textures, colors and paper weights. As the brand’s flagship, mishmash is a notebook ready for every occasion, perfect for versatile people who need numerous types of papers close to them.

160 pages | side stitch
size: 170 x 240 mm
paper: plain, recycled, ruled, colored

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Mishmash Notebook

Mishmash Notebook

There you can look for plain, ruled and recycled paper as well as colored paper, including vanilla, apricot, emerald, cognac and translucent paper.

Mishmash is a minimalist office supplies brand that aims to break through the mind of every design enthusiast by presenting a selection of disruptive products. Aiming to fill a gap in a static market, mishmash is triggering the creativity in every mind by looking inside objects, emphasizing their different functions and purposes.

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