Necklace Closed Mussel Gold


The thread is adjustable, but we like it best when worn long. Available in gold plated, rosé and silver.
Please note we currently only have this item available with a brown/taupe thread.

Material: Sterling silver + 18k yellow goldplated — BROWN silk thread, 80cm adjustable (different from picture)

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Necklace Closed Mussel Gold

Necklace Closed Mussel Gold

This pretty mussel necklace was casted from a real mussel, found on a beach near Domburg.

The fine jewellery line by Studio MHL is versatile, allowing for a style statement, but subtle enough to wear everyday and with any outfit. The beautiful pieces accentuate a woman’s personality without overwhelming it and are ideal for those who favour discreet minimalism. Above all their jewellery will look good for every occasion.

All items are handmade in their studio in Amsterdam.