N° 10 Pacific Settler Small Prints

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Discover the story behind the prints. Each Small Print Collection contains 5 assorted prints.

104 × 140 mm
Offset printing in Zurich, Switzerland
Z-Offset Natural Paper, 400g / m2

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N° 10 Pacific Settler Small Prints

N° 10 Pacific Settler Small Prints

Seashells play an important role in religion and spirituality in many cultures. The Bivalve, or two-shelled mollusks living in the intertidal zone, bore into wood, shale, chalk, clay and even thick oyster shells. Piddocks have a specially adapted shell which varies in toughness depending on the substrate they prefer to burrow into. When the mollusks are young, they settle with their tiny shells inside rock crevices. Using the sharp ridges that are on the outer surface of the shell, the piddocks enlarge the hole to accommodate them as they grow. After a while, the bivalve remains trapped inside its stony home, as the entrance ends up smaller than its grown shell. It is amazing that these perfect holes were bored by living creatures. They are Nature’s incredible artisans.

There is no design without nature. Bienvenue Studios turns nature into visual culture. Using the beauty of nature, they create an environment from which one can draw vitalizing strength and sensory stimulation, as well as aesthetic well-being.
By exploring the boundaries of risography, a Japanese form of screen-printing, allows them to apply each colour individually and ensures a high luminosity. Thanks to this special process each print is one of a kind. A lot of passion goes into it, but no chemicals. The output is therefore not only the result of careful craftsmanship, but is also environmentally sustainable.


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