Green/Pink Tourmaline Earring Silver


Solid as a Rock
Single earring with tourmaline crystal

Earring: Ø 25mm
Tourmaline crystal: 15mm x 3mm
Material: sterling silver with rhodium finish (prevents oxidation) + tourmaline crystal

Note: the crystal can be compared with glass, and therefore needs to be handled with care. Don’t let it fall on a stone floor, it could break

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Green/Pink Tourmaline Earring Silver

Green/Pink Tourmaline Earring Silver

Get to know the new jewellery collection ‘Solid as a Rock’, by Noë Roostee in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The collection consists of carefully selected tourmaline crystals, which are true gems by mother nature. All crystals are one of kind pieces, so pick your favorite and stand out with something truly unique.

Noë graduated in fashion design, when after several years of experience in designing collections for a variety of commercial brands, she switched to forging silver and gold: a long time wish to create refined products that can last even for generations. Crafted with love and care.