Triangle Porcelain Vase


Size: 15.5 x 15.5 x 5 cm
Material: Unglazed porcelain

Please note: due to the unglazed finish, the vase can be used with water, but please be aware it might ‘sweat’ a little. Therefor make sure not to leave it on any wooden surface. Adding some want on the bottom helps.

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Triangle Porcelain Vase

Triangle Porcelain Vase

With or without flowers these ceramic objects set a true statement into your home. The collection is made with porcelain from Montgat, Spain. Finished in slip painted porcelain without enamel, giving the vase a rough surface.
All vases are handmade by Romina Gris, a talented ceramist from Barcelona. Inspired by postmodern buildings, architecture and geometric shapes, Romina developed a set of beautiful shaped objects that can be used as vases or unique objects.