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Car Crash — no. 47

by Job van den Berg

What would you crush if you could crush anything?!
The Car Crash cards are born by a fascination for crushing things in a beautiful way. With an extreme high pressure a toy car and a sheet of metal are crushed together. All the cards are unique, because every card has its own toy car.

Post Modern features a growing collection of affordable postcard sized artworks created by well-known artists and designers. Often artists and designers produce bigger, pricier works. With Post Modern we challenge them to tell their ‘story’ on a small scale. Herewith tiny, affordable, one-of-a-kind, handmade artworks by leading, contemporary makers are accessible for a broader audience.

• Toy car, sheet of metal
• Approx. 10,5 × 14,5 cm
• One–off, signed and numbered artworks


Out of stock

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